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India Connect

• Serviced office accommodation

• Human resource solutions

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India Shine

• Market research and analysis

• Marketing and brand communication

• Design, development and management    of marketing campaigns

• Event management and promotions

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India Inc.

• Industry / Corporate relations and    collaboration

• Strategic institutional alliances and    partnerships

• Student employability support

• Alumni relations

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A to Z University Management Services

Driven by a strong brand ideology, A to Z through its suite of services, offers comprehensive solutions to international institutions seeking to establish a long-term presence in India’s diverse, dynamic and evolving education market. The company’s primary objective is to assist and facilitate the seamless entry of overseas universities and other institutions into the country.

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Partner Speak

University of Bristol

The University of Bristol has been proudly working with A to Z for over 3 years. Within this time, the team have demonstrated impressive professionalism, expertise and dedication both to our University and to the students seeking guidance for their studies.

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